Conference German Society of Mammalogy 2013


Genetic Database of Selected Species of Mammals of the Czech Republic

The aim of the project is impact evaluation of the landscape fragmentation cause by transport on population genetic variability of selected mammal species (deer, roe deer, wild boar, fox, badger, hare and moose).

During the project were chosen places with significant migration barrier (highway), where the population isolation is expected due to high traffic volumes and the absence of migration objects. At these locations are collected tissues in cooperation with local gamekeepers, in some places also samples for road-kill animals. After collection of a sufficient number of samples the microsatellite DNA analysis will be performed for evaluation of genetic variability and degree of population fragmentation.

Another goal of the project is to create a genetic database of mammals for keeping records of samples that were collected during this project for further evaluation.

At the end of the project the database will be accessible through internet to professional public as a resource for research in the field of road ecology and landscape fragmentation, nature conservation, land use planning and other.

The database will be available at and, currently the information about the project is available there.