Conference ISESS 2013


GeneDBase - Genetic Database of Selected Species of Mammals of the Czech Republic

GeneDBase is a part of a research project with official name "Creating a genetic database of selected species of mammals in the Czech Republic to be used for sustainable transport development". This grant project is a cooperation between Mendel University in Brno and HBH Projekt - a private road design company - and is co-financed by Technology Agency of the Czech Republic. The aim of the research project is to assess the impact of roads on the fragmentation of animal populations and their genetic variability. Another important aim is to create basis for a genetic database of mammals where data from collected samples of selected wild animals will be loaded and which could be used widely, not only for road planning, but also in other fields ( agricultural, environmental protection, land-use planning).

Within the course of the project localities with a distinctive migration barrier (road), will be chosen. At these localities genetic samples (tissues and hair) from shot game, dead individuals will be collected. After collecting the sufficient amount of samples, micro-satellite analysis of DNA will be performed. Results of both field and laboratory works will be stored in a database.

In the database, each sample will have an individual record consiting of details of its finding, current location (lab) and the results of genetic analysis (microsatellites and coefficients of their evaluation). Data subjects will be registered in relation to their placement in taxonomic skills, family relationships with other individuals in the database and other information about individuals such as their age, health status or points trophies etc. The database will also content pictorial documentation of the individual entities. There will be relations between the samples, concenrnig selected attributes.

In the final stage (in the end of 2015) the database will be accessible through internet technologies, following its implementation in open source technologies.

As a database engine MySQL platform is used. User interface is programmed in HTML (or CSS) technologies and JavaScript. Application server is PHP. Access to the database such as MySQL is through standardized SQL. If necessery it will possible to change the database engine. The application server will be programmed in layers. The source code can be conveniently transferred into another programming language.

An interactive web browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome etc.) will be used as an inteface for all user levels: ordinary user (allowed to view and export data to selected format), editor user (able to load data into the database - interactively or in batch files - and edit them), expert user (responsible for data verification) and administrator. To access the database all the users have to be logged in.

The database will be available also as a protocol for connection with other databases of similar type. A communication protocol based on XML will be defined, which allows to link other databases with similar content to exchange data or keep them in the same version.

User interface database will be accessible through the portal at and